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NEPAL: Young Bride's Refusal to Renounce Faith Brings Husband to Christ

Anisha and Ashish, who married early in 2023, went to a local church in search of healing from demonic spirits that harassed Ashish. Church members prayed for them, and Ashish was healed. The newlyweds began to read the Bible they had received at the church and soon wanted to place their trust in Jesus Christ. When Ashish’s parents found the Bible, they insisted that the young couple renounce Christ and stop going to church. Ashish agreed, but Anisha did not. She was forced to leave the home without money for food or shelter, so the local church helped her with basic needs. Soon, Ashish decided to join her again. Now Anisha asks for prayer for the strengthening of her husband’s faith and that they would together stand firm and be witnesses for Christ in their families. They are currently considering attending a training program to grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

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