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Nicolae Moldoveanu


Nicolae Moldoveanu is one of Romania’s most prolific hymn writers. More than 300 of his 6,000 hymns* were written during his detention in Communist prisons for his Christian faith. Richard Wurmbrand, one of Nicolae’s fellow prisoners, praised him as one of the greatest saints he met in prison. This song is featured in the 2018 film Tortured for Christ.  

Nicolae Moldoveanu Prison Song ‘N-am Sa Uit’ I Will Not Forget (Translated by Keith & Kristyn Getty and Fionan de Barra)

Jesus, Lord, O help me always to remember How your miracle delivered me from pain How your love has freed my captive heart forever By your grace you’ve always been my one defender I was dead and then you gave me life again Yes, you gave me life again

And I won’t forget the torment and the sadness I was helpless so I called upon your name And you answered me with mercy’s tender kindness Shone your hope to take away my sorrow’s darkness And the light upon your face now shines on me Yes, forever shines on me

Now my soul will sing of your eternal spring time No more clouds and no more sorrows in my heart With the sacrifice of praise I kneel before you With the prayer of thankfulness I will adore you Jesus, Lord, you are the treasure of my life Yes, the treasure of my life

Tortured for Christ (2018) [DVD] Directed by John Grooters. USA, Grooters Productions.

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