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NIGER: Christian Farmer Rejected by Village

Yacouba is a former Muslim, married with seventeen children plus one grandchild. Yacouba lives in a Muslim village, but two of his daughters became followers of Christ and married Christian men. Through their witness, Yacouba trusted Christ, and his entire family became Christians. Because of their faith, neighbours refuse to attend his family’s weddings and baby-naming events, and they have stopped hiring Yacouba to work their land. The village leader even told Yacouba that he doesn’t care if they die: “If any one of your family dies, no one will come and help you bury the dead, even if the dead rot in your house.” Yacouba responded, “The problem is not dying and rotting, but where does your soul go? That is the most important thing. I know where my soul will go.” Pray Yacouba and his family remain faithful witnesses to their village.

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