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Niger: Rejected Son Now Leading Others

A young man who was kicked out of his home when he became a Christian is now leading a church. Annahi became a Christian as a teenager after he visited a church out of curiosity. After he gave his life to Christ, he was chased out of his Muslim family’s home, and his father disinherited him. He took refuge in his church, until he connected with a Christian ministry who provided him with job training. During his time as a student, Annahi was able to share the gospel with multiple families in the neighbourhood. Two of those formerly Muslim households gave their lives to Christ, and Annahi led the two households in daily devotionals and prayer. Now that Annahi has finished his mechanic training, he is in a village completing an internship and planting churches in his new community during his free time.

Pray for Annahi as he continues to share Christ where God has him.

Pray for the impact of his faith to spread.

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