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Niger: Widowed Mother of Six Rebuilding Life After Husband's Martyrdom

Rahila and Ibrahim met in Niger when Ibrahim began attending Rahila's church. Ibrahim had grown up in a Muslim home, but he heard the Gospel while working in Niger, and he started attending church. Ibrahim and Rahila eventually married, and after the birth of four children, they felt called to return to Nigeria where they had two more children. Ibrahim's family were shamed by his Christian faith, and Ibrahim's brother eventually killed him to restore honor to the family. The brother then told Rahila that his remaining task was to kill her and the children for their faith as well. Rahila fled with her children to Tahoua, Niger, where she is currently staying in a small two-bedroom home with her elderly disabled father and his family.

Pray that Rahila and her children's needs will be met.

Pray they can find adequate housing, that Rahila will be able to provide for her family, and that the children will be able to return to school.

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