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Nigeria: 33 Christians Killed in Recent Attacks by Islamists

Islamic militant Fulanis have targeted and killed several Christians in a series of attacks across predominantly Christian communities in Benue state. Fulani herdsman attacked the Guma, Makurdi and Agatu Local Government Areas on April 21, killing six.

On April 24, another band of radical Fulani herdsman attacked five Christian communities in Guma County, Benue state, killing 17.

Most recently, on April 26, 10 Christians were killed and nine others injured in an attack on a camp for internally displaced peoples in Abagena, Benue State.

Pray the families of those whose loved ones were killed will be comforted.

Pray that Christians in Nigeria can show love and forgiveness to their Fulani attackers, and that these radical Islamic Fulani will come to salvation in Christ.

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