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NIGERIA: Christian Widow and Children Thriving

Where are they now?

On 13 January 2011, militant Fulani Muslims attacked Alice Bulus’s village in Plateau state, Nigeria, and shot her husband who died in front of her and her children. About 18 months later, militants attacked the village again, burning her home and forcing her and her four children to flee the village.

VOM has helped the family with living expenses, and they are now thriving with help from the global body of Christ. Through her disciplined and diligent work as a farmer, Alice has purchased some land and built a home. Her children have done well in school, and her oldest son is now awaiting admission to a local university. Alice’s faith has continued to grow as she has seen God work in her life since her husband’s death.

“God has reminded her that he is a covenant-keeping God,” a Front-Line Worker said. “She has learned to give God her problems because she knows that He is faithful to take care of her. She thanks God every day for the support she received, and she expresses her gratitude all the time.”

Excerpt from our December newsletter.

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