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NIGERIA: Christian Widows Helped by Global Body of Christ

Front-Line Workers are ministering to many Christian women in Nigeria who lost their husbands in attacks by Islamists in recent years. Grace was five months pregnant and had two other children when militant Fulani Muslims attacked her community, shooting indiscriminately and killing her husband, Musa, as he walked to work. Grace’s in-laws blamed her for Musa’s death and threw her and her children out of their house. Another Nigerian widow, Saratu, fled an attack by Boko Haram when her husband disappeared. As she and her four children struggled to make their way through the bush, her husband went ahead to scout the path. When Saratu called his phone hours later, an unknown person answered and said he had found the phone on a dead body. With VOM’s help, both women have moved forward with their lives despite their suffering.

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