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NIGERIA: Evangelist Badly Injured in Attack

On 17 March 2018, Reverand Adamu Ardo was on an evangelistic outreach when a group of young Muslim men broke into the house where he was staying and attacked him and a Muslim friend. The assailants beat Amadu with clubs and machetes. They also beat his friend because he was associating with a Christian. The friend was not severely injured and rushed Adamu to a hospital. After several months and numerous surgeries, Adamu remarkably survived, but he lost the use of his right hand and developed a speech impediment. His Muslim friend was shocked by how his Islamic brothers had treated his friend and said, “If that’s the way they act, then I don’t want to be a Muslim anymore.” Rev. Adamu has been unable to work since the attack to support his wife and five children.

  • Pray that Adamu's friend will come to know Christ as his Saviour.

  • Pray for a way for Rev. Adamu to support his family and pray for God to comfort him and his family.

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