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NIGERIA: Family Escapes Fire Set by Attackers

Sade, who has been nearly blind most of her life, heard screams as attackers raided her village, so she ran with her three daughters in search of safety. Radical Muslim Fulani men had attacked her village before, so Sade knew their lives were in danger. She, her children and several others took shelter in her brother’s apartment. When militants found them and couldn’t break in, they set the building on fire. The apartment filled with smoke, but the group feared leaving. To help her children breathe, Sade dampened her skirt and wrapped it around their faces, but soon the heat became unbearable, and they had to evacuate the building. Fortunately, the militants had left by then. Sade watched as the building burned to the ground and later learned that her husband had been fatally shot as he tried to flee. Sade and her children now live in a camp for internally displaced people.

  • Pray for Sade and her family to remain strong in the Lord.

  • Pray that the Fulani attackers will start to repent and come to know Christ through the faithful witness of people like Sade.

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