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NIGERIA: Hundreds Abducted by Islamists

In early March 2024, Islamic militants raided several boarding schools in northern Nigeria and abducted more than 300 people. “I spoke to a pastor who personally knows an elderly Christian woman who was among those abducted,” a Front-Line Worker shared. “Her son was shot in the arm when trying to protect her and is currently hospitalized.” Officials do not know if the attackers were members of Boko Haram or ISWAP, two Islamist groups active in the area. The attackers demanded ransom to return those who were abducted. Amid the risk, the Front-Line Worker reported that pastors and evangelists in the region are committed to serving. “These realities are not new to them,” he said. “They have already counted the cost of serving Christ in such areas and remain faithful to their calling.”

  • Pray for the abducted men, women and children to be released. Pray that they would be able to forgive their captors as Christ forgave them.

  • Pray that the pastors, evangelists and Front-Line Workers would remain strong in their work.

  • Pray that the captors would come to know Christ through the witness of the abducted people.

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