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NIGERIA: Militants Murder Christian Children

Fulani herdsmen, a tribe known for its strict adherence to Islam, have attacked Christian villages for many years, and in the last two years they have committed more acts of extreme violence against Christians than any other group globally.

In the latest attack on 14 April, armed Fulani militants shouting, “Allahu akbar” [Allah is greater] surrounded a village close to the state capital, Jos. Firing their guns, they drove the villagers out and killed them as they fled – including three small children.

“The attackers appeared from different directions in large numbers and set many houses ablaze,” said one witness.

One heavily pregnant villager, Victoria John, fled with another pregnant woman, who was trying to escape with her five-year-old child.

“The child was screaming,” she continued. “She slipped and fell and they killed her.”

They burned down 21 houses and killed nine villagers including a 50-year-old grandfather, Sunday, his five-year-old grandson, Luka and Talatu, who was pregnant, along with her three-year-old child. They were buried on 15 April.

Many thousands have been driven from their homes by the heavily armed Fulani, whose attacks are provoking an exodus of Christians from the north and Middle Belt of the country. Despite the on-going attacks, the Nigerian government has done little to protect its Christian villagers.

Sources: Vom Australia, Release International, Voice of the Martyrs USA

Pray for those suffering grief and loss and those who are fearful. Pray the Lord of comfort may bring His peace to those who are suffering.

Ask God to bring protection to vulnerable communities and pray He will provide the authorities with wisdom and motivation to bring an end to the unrest.

Ask the Holy Spirit to bring great conviction and repentance to members of Fulani communities.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

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