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North Korea: Mun-hee on Winning Souls

Mun-hee hated his supervisors. “If I would have had a gun,” he said, “I would have shot all my North Korean supervisors and then shot myself.”

Like many North Koreans who work abroad in hope of food, income and an overall better life, Mun-hee quickly realized that working outside North Korea could not resolve his fears and struggles. Seeing coworkers die from unhealthy and dangerous work conditions left him hopeless and full of hate.

When visitors arrived at his work site and distributed MP3 players loaded with the Bible, however, Mun-hee listened intently and later placed his faith in Jesus Christ. He now has a smile on his face, and the hate that once filled his heart has been replaced by the joy of the Lord.

VOM smuggles audio Bibles to North Koreans working outside their country for the purpose of both evangelism to non-Believers and encouragement to secret North Korean Believers. Mun-hee is one of many North Korean workers who have come to know Christ through MP3 players loaded with the Bible.

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