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PAKISTAN: Christian Prisoner Acquitted

Blasphemy accusations have been used as weapons against Christians in Pakistan for many years.

Sajjad Masih was charged in 2011 for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages; he was sentenced to life in prison. This sentence was changed to the death penalty in March 2021.

During his time of imprisonment, Sajjad endured torture and ostracism. His brother and nephew were also attacked and threatened after visiting him in prison.

Sajjad’s appeal was delayed over a hundred times because the judges were not prepared to hear his case.

Mercifully, the Lahore High Court ruled to acquit the Christian man on 26 October on the grounds of insufficient evidence, he was released on 13 November. The news of the ruling was intentionally silenced to avoid putting his life, along with the lives of his family members and lawyer, in danger. According to his lawyer, Javed Sahorta, Sajjad is “very happy” but cannot return to his normal life for his own protection.

  • Praise God that Sajjad has been acquitted! Ask God for His protection to be upon him, his family and all others linked to the outcome of the case.

  • Pray for him and his family as they adjust to their new life. Ask the Lord to help them overcome the long ordeal. Pray Sajjad may be led by the Lord as he makes plans for the future.

  • Pray this case may strengthen the cause to bring considerable change to the blasphemy laws to prevent future injustices.

Sources: Voice of the Martyrs AU, Morning Star News, UCA News, Bitter Winter

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