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PAKISTAN: Muslim Girl Requests Bible and Chooses to Follow Christ

Rabyia, a young Muslim, asked a Christian evangelist to give her a Bible. She later called him back with a story. She had started reading the Bible in Genesis and then skipped ahead to the Gospels. At first, she thought that Christians had taken the story of Jesus as a prophet of Islam and twisted it to come up with the story she read in the Bible, as she had been taught in school. Then, she had a dream in which she saw a bright light and heard a voice say, “This is my word. Read it.” She began reading the Bible intently and found that it brought her peace. “My heart says that the voice I heard that night was of Jesus Christ,” she said. “When I read about the life of Jesus and about his miracles from the Gospels, it completely changed my mind and my life. Now my heart accepts that there is no one else who loves humans as Jesus does. And now all I can think about is Jesus and his words.”

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