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Sierra Leone: Christian Woman's Sewing Supplies Stolen by Family

Fatima Koroma graduated from a VOM-supported sewing center in Kabala last year and moved to another village where she set up a sewing shop. All was going well until a year later when her older sister found her in the new village with a new job and going to church. Fatima's sister returned to her village, telling Fatima's parents what she had discovered. Fatima's parents then found Fatima and stole her sewing machine and all of her supplies. Fatima tried to report the theft to the police, but they refused to help, saying she needed to do what her parents said. Her parents forced her to return to their home and insisted that she give up her faith in Christ and turn to the mosque. They also pledged her in marriage to an elderly Muslim man to be his third wife. Fatima ran away before the wedding could occur, though, and is now staying with a Christian woman in a different village.

Pray for Fatima to remain firm in her faith.

Pray that her sewing supplies will be returned, and pray that she can show the love of Christ to her family.

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