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SRI LANKA: Christian Man Beaten to Death in His Home

After becoming a prominent, active leader of his church, Kalithas received threats from Hindu extremists in his community. They warned that he would face severe consequences if he continued his bold witness in the village. On 16 December 2021, four men came to his home and started kicking his gate. Kalithas rushed toward them, asking why they were destroying his property. The men threw alcohol in his face and started beating him. When he fell to the ground, three men held him down while the fourth struck his head with an iron rod. After the men fled, villagers rushed Kalithas to the hospital. He remained in a coma until he died on 20 December.

  • Pray that the four men who killed him are brought to justice and also come to know Jesus.

  • Pray for Kalithas’ family, and pray that villagers who hear his story will also put their trust in Christ.

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