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SRI LANKA: Church Attacked, Continues to Meet

After the 2004 tsunami, the Sri Lankan government relocated survivors from Pasikuda to another village. Pastor Srikanth, among those who were relocated, shared the Gospel there, and many accepted the Lord. In 2019, Hindu villagers began to oppose the worship in Pastor Srikanth’s home. They brought the police, armed themselves, levelled death threats at the worshipers and incited government officials to threaten to take away Pastor Srikanth’s house. Worship services continued, so the villagers were more aggressive, launching a brutal Sunday morning attack that left several Believers badly wounded. The police filed charges against the attackers as well as Pastor Srikanth. Despite this opposition and ongoing legal proceedings, the Believers continue to gather in a shed next to Pastor Srikanth’s house.

  • Pray for protection for Pastor Srikanth and his church.

  • Pray the attackers would get saved.

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