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SRI LANKA: Church Awaiting Justice Remains Under Attack

Anura and Ayesha lead a church in western Sri Lanka that has been repeatedly attacked in recent years. Some of the perpetrators of these attacks are facing charges in court. However, Ayesha reported, every time the court dates near, groups in the village try to stir up trouble by breaking Buddha statues or throwing human feces on them and then blaming the church for dishonoring Buddhism. So far, no progress has been made in these cases. In 2023, attackers threatened new converts from the villages and pelted stones at their houses. Police have interfered with services and even directly threatened Pastor Anura to stop church services. Pray for Anura, Ayesha and their church to be bold and courageous as they bear suffering and continue to take the Gospel to more villages.

  • Pray that God will bring justice to the perpetrators of the attacks.

  • Pray that the work of Anura, Ayesha and the church will be fruitful despite the attacks and difficulties they are facing.

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