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Syria: War, Trauma and Cancer

War, trauma and a child stricken with cancer drove Rida and his wife to seek hope at a Christian church, and there they met and accepted Jesus Christ. When the couple, who had formerly been committed Muslims, told Rida’s father about their conversion, he beat and cursed his son, spitting on him and telling him he would receive no inheritance. Rida’s extended family continued to harass Rida with threats and beatings. When his brother struck Rida’s wife, the police came and told Rida to press charges against his brother for the beating. But Rida told the police that the Lord Jesus had taught him to forgive. They continue to experience threats, even death threats, from their family. “They live in destitute poverty, notably after Rida fell from a ladder during one of his jobs and broke his leg.”

Pray for courage and comfort for this family who has trusted Christ.

Pray for Syria in this hard time.

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