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SYRIA: Syrian Christians Face Challenges on Multiple Fronts

Aaron and Khalil Hassan are two brothers who fled to Lebanon after the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) chased them from their apricot farm in Syria. While in Lebanon, they heard the Gospel and placed their faith in Christ. When they returned to Syria, they found their farms pillaged; ISIS had chopped down the apricot trees and used them for firewood. VOM helped them replant their orchard, but they and other Christians in Syria report that life remains difficult: “Basic life necessities are scarce and horrendously expensive if they can be found,” said a Front-Line Worker. He adds that theft and burglary are also major problems and that Christian families remain alert to Muslim extremists: “The situation is getting better than before in this regard, but due to increasing security chaos, they are still exposed to extremists, even if it is less than during the war,” the Front-Line Worker said. “The threat from Islamic militants remains.”

  • Pray for the safety of Aaron and Khalil. Pray for them to lean on God for provision and strength.

  • Pray for the members of ISIS to repent of the wrong they have done and to turn to Christ to save them.

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