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Tanzania: Christians Under Pressure

Though Tanzania is a majority-Christian country, Christians in some areas face intense persecution, and it seems to be growing. According to a VOM worker, Muslim hardliners have burned or demolished six churches there in the last year. Extremists have also destroyed several pastors’ homes. In addition, local authorities are closing churches, especially in Muslim-majority neighbourhoods, using a new law that requires pastors to have a Bible-school diploma. The VOM worker said thousands of churches have been closed. Hot spots for persecution include the coastal region, including the city of Dar es Salaam, and other large regional hubs throughout the mainland. Tanzania’s semi-autonomous Muslim-majority islands, such as Zanzibar, have long been hostile toward Christians. Believers on the island face unrelenting pressure and harassment.

Pray that Believers in Muslim-majority areas throughout Tanzania will stand firm under pressure.

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