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TURKEY: Greater Interest in God's Word Amid Earthquake Tragedy

Within days of the earthquake that devastated eastern Turkiye on 6 February, Turkish Christians rushed from other parts of the country to help. “One church group used their hands to dig people out of the rubble,” a Front-Line Worker said. Others set up emergency kitchens and shelters. One improvised cafe was so successful in feeding survivors and emergency workers that it attracted the attention of the local governor: “He was so impressed he told the group, ‘Please continue what you are doing. Let me know how we can help,’ and he offered free use of some government trucks and additional food,” said a Front-Line Worker. “Local Christians are doing the work of Matthew 25:35 — ‘I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave me a drink.’” The worker said local news coverage of the Christians’ activities increased requests for Bibles.

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