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Uganda: Muslim Woman Chased from Home After Trusting in Christ

Hanifah is 40 years old. She was born into a Muslim family, and she married a Muslim man. But her faith in Islam was shaken when her children became terribly sick. Her husband called imams and sheikhs to pray for the children, but they never got better. Finally, Hanifah felt compelled to take the children to a Christian church. She would secretly take them to services, and Believers from the church began secretly visiting their home as well. After some time of prayer and fasting, the children were healed. Hanifah and her children placed their trust in Christ and were baptized. When her husband discovered that they were secretly attending church, he chased them from his home and cut off all financial support. Hanifah and her kids struggled financially, so her husband asked them to come home and return to Islam. But Hanifah remained firm in her commitment to Christ. “I have seen the power of God and the joy we received in Christ, I cannot go back to Islam. I have found the God who heals. If he healed my children, then He will be able to feed us and clothe us,” she said. Hanifah’s church has been able to help them with some living expenses, but they are still struggling.

Pray for peace of mind and provision for Hanifah and her family.

Pray for her husband to find salvation in Christ as well.

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