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UGANDA: Pastors Blessed with Motorbikes

Nine Christian leaders caring for and serving persecuted Believers in Uganda recently received new motorbikes to increase the effectiveness of their ministry outreach. Some of these workers faced difficult terrain on foot in order to minister, and their range had been limited because of traveling challenges. "These motorbikes will help these ministers reach out to the communities much better and be able to respond quicker in case of a ministry call," a Front-line worker said. "This has made the ministry of discipleship easy," another man said. "God is really so faithful. He is so good to His people. This is a confirmation that all the work we do is not in vain. There is a lot that awaits us in Jesus' name. Thank you so much for blessing my life. And may God also richly bless you." Those who received the motorbikes gave glory to God and asked for prayers of protection and guidance as they continue to serve.

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