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UGANDA: Students Killed by Islamists in Attack on Ugandan School

On Friday, 16 June, shortly before midnight, Islamic militants believed to be part of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) attacked a boarding school in the western Ugandan town of Mpondwe, located on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The militants killed 37 students with machetes and through arson of dormitories. They also killed four adults and abducted six students, forcing them across the border into the DRC where the ADF is based. One community leader told a Front-line Worker, “The situation is devastating. My neighbour lost two children, and all the surrounding villages are in tears over the death of their children. It is like ice-cold water has been poured on us. How do I bring encouragement to these people who have so many questions? Since Friday, all we have been able to do is pray for the grieving families.”

  • Pray for the families who have experienced this horrific loss. Pray for them to turn to Christ for comfort.

  • Pray for the Ugandan government to stop attacks like these.

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