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Uganda: What it Means to Have a Bible

After the distribution team arrived, they began unloading the Bibles box by box. In preparation for the event, churches had gathered the names of those in need of God’s Word, which is scarce in Muslim-

dominated southwestern Uganda. “People struggle … for the basic needs of life and cannot afford a Bible,” said VOM’s field leader for Uganda.

A number of those in need of a Bible were former Muslims who had placed their faith in Jesus Christ and needed God’s Word to help them grow.

A pastor told his congregation at the Bible distribution that many people only think about the Bible as a tool during a great crisis.

“Little do they know that it is a tool for our daily assignment,” he said. “Please put to good use the Bibles you have received, and don’t fear to make them grow old and dirty. Read your Bible and pray every day if you want to grow.”

The distribution team later travelled to an area where the church maintains a strong

presence despite persecution. A former Muslim who had come to Christ and is now studying to be a lay minister was especially grateful for the Bible he received. “Before I came to Christ,” he said, “I admired the Bible but we would always destroy them whenever we found any. I have been craving for one, and now that I have got it I am grateful to God.”

Persecution against Ugandan Christians comes not only from Muslim family members but also Islamists in regions where there is a strong Muslim presence. In these areas, Christian converts from Islam and pastors are threatened for sharing the Gospel.

A church leader in one of these areas explained how important it is for his congregation to have their own copy of God’s Word. “Many of our people have a lot of fear of the Muslims,” he said. “I pray that this empowerment of the Word of God will strengthen the faith of many and build their courage so that they can be better witnesses for Christ. We are so happy to receive these Bibles.”

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