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UKRAINE: Update from VOM Poland and Christians Turning to Psalm 31

So far, over 1.2 million refugees have come over to Poland from Ukraine, just yesterday it was 141.5K. Many Polish Evangelical churches are already overburdened.

Many church buildings are packed with refugees; Christians are also taking refugees into their homes. At the eastern border where the refugees first come, pastors and hundreds of volunteers work around the clock; they bring people from the border, give them shelter, cook for them, wash their clothes and buy them Polish sim cards so that they can communicate with their loved ones.

The majority of the refugees are women with small children. Some have walked many kilometres to the border where they have had to wait at least 12 hours in freezing cold weather. Once they cross the border, they are exhausted and traumatised. They have had to leave their husbands and fathers behind, to fight the invaders.

People in Ukraine are also turning to Psalm 31 to bring them hope and comfort as they shelter in bunkers in fear of their lives.

The Bible Society has worked in Ukraine for the last 30 years, translating and distributing Bibles. According to the Director of International Ministry, Oldi Morava, “During this particularly difficult time, many people want to find strength and rest, but also comfort in their faith and in God’s Word … They’re reading the Book of Psalms and one that is becoming almost a Psalm for the whole of Ukraine is Psalm 31.”

Christians across Ukraine have been continuing to distribute Bibles and resources to as many people as possible despite the dangers.

  • Ask the Lord to use this time of fear and uncertainty to draw many to Himself in Ukraine.

  • Ask God to advocate on their behalf, so they may resolve these difficulties and, as a result, continue reaching others for Christ and meeting together peacefully for worship.

  • Pray the church all over the world may be united in prayer for the situation. Pray for VOM partners, bringing aid to those who have stayed and those who have been forced to flee.

  • Pray for the Polish people who are giving their time and money to helping refugees.

Sources: VOM Australia, VOM Poland, Premier Christian News, Australian Prayer Network

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