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Uzbekistan: Children Stop Harassment

An older believer whose adult children were persecuting her for her faith has been granted a reprieve. Shokhida Musallam and her husband became Christians about 20 years ago, but their Muslim children opposed their conversion. They constantly harassed, humiliated and abused their parents. At one point, they admitted their mother to a psychiatric hospital and even found a way to sell their parents’ car. This past August, when the oldest daughter tried to readmit her mother to the psychiatric hospital, the doctors refused to take her back. Local authorities looked for the couple’s car, found it and returned it to them. Finally, neighbors grew irritated with the children fighting amongst each other, so they demanded the children leave their parents’ house so that Shokhida and her husband could return. Praise God that their children are chastened, and pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts.

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