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VIETNAM: Believer Dies After Interrogation by Authorities

Brother Trai and his family have been repeatedly harassed by local authorities in an attempt to force them to renounce their faith in Christ. Each time, Trai and his family have remained steadfast and refused to give in.

Last week, authorities came to Trai’s home to further interrogate him. He was harassed and threatened late into the evening and, once the authorities left, Trai had a restless night of sleep. Perhaps due to the stress of his interrogation, Brother Trai tragically passed away in the early hours of the next morning. Trai leaves behind a wife and four children, two of whom still live at home. Many members of Trai’s church were prevented by the authorities from attending his funeral. Fortunately, a small number managed to be present, which was a comfort to Trai’s family.

Vietnam has a repressive communist government that actively restricts Christians in many ways. Although Christian worship is technically legal, the government views Christians and churches as a threat to its power and control. Sadly, the persecution and harassment faced by families such as Trai’s is becoming all too common.

  • Pray for the family of Brother Trai as they grieve his loss. Pray that they would experience the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray that new Believers will stand strong while facing family rejection, evictions and beatings.

  • Pray for Front-Line Workers distributing Bibles in areas tightly controlled by the government.

Source: VOM front-line worker

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