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VIETNAM: From the Field

Persecution in rural areas of Vietnam occurs primarily at the hands of local authorities who wish to stifle any growth of Christianity in their various regions.

Our field workers have asked for prayer for various persecution incidents which have recently come to light.

About four years ago, a VOM-supported Front-Line Worker, travelled to a remote area and shared the Gospel with a man named Tru. In time, Tru, went on to lead two other families to Christ. When local authorities became aware of the conversions, the three families were forced out of the village.

The families went to the nearby jungle, where they began clearing land to make room to build make-shift shelters. Although slash-and-burn agriculture is the usual practice of this particular tribal group, these three families were prosecuted for destroying the forest. The head of both households of the new convert families was sentenced to prison for ten months. Tru, seen as the leader, was given a seven-year sentence. Fortunately, while Tru was in prison, his home was taken care of by his father and eventually, his wife and children were able to return to their home in the village.

Vy became a Christian about a month ago. Her decision for Christ greatly angered her children who work for the local authorities. They physically attacked her and forced her out of her house. She is now staying with another Believer.

Brother Dang is a faithful servant of God. On more than one occasion he has been physically attacked by thugs and by the local authorities as he has gone about ministering to his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Recently he was once again beaten, then his phone was confiscated, and his motorbike was destroyed.

Xuyen is a former communist soldier, while in this role, he received all kinds of benefits and subsidies from the government. Since he and his family accepted Christ, not only were all the benefits and subsidies cut but his land was also seized; he was also physically attacked.

VOM Australia is working to help all these people by sending resources. We ask you to help by praying for them.

  • Pray for these Believers and all those in rural Vietnam experiencing persecution through the loss of homes, land and livelihood.

  • Pray that the witness of these Believers will be powerful in strengthening the faith of others and drawing more people to Christ.

  • Pray for wisdom for our Front-Line Workers as they seek to bring aid and comfort to those who have suffered for Christ.

Source: VOM contacts

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