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VIETNAM: Hmong Christians Receive Audio Bibles

A group of displaced Hmong Believers in central Vietnam joyfully received a gift of Bibles earlier this year. The Christians, who relocated to central Vietnam after facing severe persecution in the Hmong ethnic region of northern Vietnam, are now viewed as squatters and are refused the rights of legal citizens.

Earlier this year, VOM workers provided them with 2,000 audio Bibles on digital music players as well as speakers, enabling those who can’t read to hear God’s Word in their own language. Because of their cooperation with American forces during the Vietnam War, the Hmong are still treated as American spies and are assumed to be opposed to Vietnam’s government. Openly proclaiming faith in Christ adds to their problems, and the Hmong are one of the most persecuted groups in Vietnam.

“While faithful Believers have few options to study the Bible or receive training materials, we at VOM supply this to them,” a VOM worker said.

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