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VIETNAM: Persecution Increasing

Vietnam has a repressive communist government that actively restricts Christian worship. Minority tribal groups generally face the most severe forms of persecution. In one province, the local authorities have recently increased pressure on local Christians, even encouraging civilians to target Believers.

Please join us in praying for the following Believers: Brother Duc: he and his family were forced to leave their house and village. Brother Ngoc: his house was destroyed because he had allowed it to be used as a gathering place for church services. Pastor Quy: his motorbike was damaged when he left it unattended while he was visiting church members. Brother Trai: his truck containing newly harvested produce was stopped. The produce was taken and destroyed. Sister My: her house was destroyed because she had allowed it to be used as a gathering place for church services. Sister Thu: the family’s social security benefits were stopped because they refused to deny their faith.

  • Praise God for these Believers who choose to stand firm and refuse to deny their faith.

  • Ask the Lord to use their faithfulness as a strong witness for the Gospel.

  • Pray these Believers will be renewed and strengthened. Pray too for our Front-Line Workers as they care for and encourage persecuted Believers.

Source: VOM Australia contacts

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