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Vietnam: Woman Denied Medical Care Because of Faith in Christ

After Den suffered from a serious illness for a week, members of her church rushed her to the hospital. The hospital staff sent Den home because she did not have her martyr’s mother certificate with her — a document confirming that her son died militarily defending the Vietnamese Communist government. After Den had become a Christian, local authorities confiscated the document, which allows family members to receive government benefits. The officials told Den she could have the document back if she renounced her faith in Christ, but she refused to do so. Once at home, Den’s illness and pain grew worse, and members of her church took her to the hospital again. The hospital agreed to admit Den but is not allowing her to have visitors due to the coronavirus.

Pray that Den receives the care she needs and finds healing, and pray for her to continue to be a light despite her current condition.

Pray that the Lord reveals himself to the hospital staff

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