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VIETNAM: Young Woman Injured in Attack Following a Time of Prayer

On 3 January, 17-year-old Anh and her father, Chinh, visited a village several miles away to pray for a family that had contracted the coronavirus. Because of their Christian faith, local authorities forced them to pay a quarantine fee after they prayed for the sick family; non-Christians they spoke with didn’t have to pay a fee. As they drove home on their motorbike, people from the village attempted to stop and harass them. Eventually, one person swung a machete at the motorbike, slicing two tendons in Anh’s left leg. Her church helped cover much of Anh’s medical costs, but her family is struggling to pay for the rest.

  • Pray that Anh fully heals from the injury and that the family she prayed for fully heals from any lasting complications.

  • Ask God to provide for Anh’s family and for Him to continue to bless them as they advance God’s kingdom.

  • Pray that the person who attacked her would come to Christ.

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