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WEST AFRICA: Former Imam Threatened for Following Christ

Ahmed was training to become an imam when he heard someone calling his name, seemingly from above. When he looked up, he saw a man on a cross staring down at him. “When I saw that, I was not able to go to the mosque,” he said. “I returned home and didn’t attend mosque that day because I was really afraid.” Jesus appeared to Ahmed several more times over a period of years, even after he did become an imam. Ahmed described those appearances to the Muslims who attended his mosque, and they thought he was seeing demons. Eventually, Ahmed placed his trust in Christ. Because of his decision to follow Christ, Ahmed’s life is in danger. “I met some men of God who have been trying to hide me from those who are shooting at me to kill me,” he said.

  • Pray for Ahmed's safety and for him to remain strong in Christ.

  • Pray for more Muslims in West Africa to see their need to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

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