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What Easter looks like in Persecuted Countries

While Easter in free countries is a time for church, family and rest, it is not quite the same for Believers in persecuted countries. Believers are subject to more attacks and persecution at this time of year than any other time, besides Christmas.

Just last year, suicide bombers came into a church in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday and killed 250 people and injured many more. This will be a hard time for Believers remembering their lost loved ones.

In 2018, a pastor in India was attacked over Easter weekend right outside his church. He had heard noises and went outside to investigate, and the attackers started throwing stones at him.

But Easter is also a time where you see Believers in these countries coming together and drawing closer to God.

A Pastor in Israel was busy preaching the Good News on the day a fight broke out between the Palestinian and Israeli security guards on the border of the countries. But he carried on and brought hope to the people listening.

In the Philippines, on Easter weekend, 7000 displaced people were able to visit their homes, which had been destroyed by Islamist militants a couple months previously.

So how can we pray for persecuted Christians this Easter?

Pray that they would keep the faith and they would not get discouraged at this time of the year.

Pray for those who will be celebrating easter in secret this year.

Pray for those who persecute these Believers.

Pray that more Christians will have access to Bibles and the Easter story.

Pray that they would go out boldly and tell people about Jesus and what He has done.

Pray for refugees who can't be in their country or with their families.

Pray for hope, joy and contentment for them at this time.

Praise God that His plan is bigger and greater than we could all imagine.

Source: World Watch Monitor

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