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An Excerpt from our Newsletter: Three Hours to Leave

'On the morning of the eighth day, as the fighting seemed to subside, the guerrillas told the Christians they had three hours to leave the village or they would be killed. All other civilians were allowed to stay.

The village’s 70 Believers rushed to canoes and motorboats, filling them to capacity. Some of the boats were packed with dozens of people as they pulled away from shore, and Sofia said one boat was so full that it started to sink.

Luis and Sofia made sure every member of the church had made it out before they left. “It was my responsibility, my ministry,” Luis said. “It was a responsibility that God had given me. You have to take care of the flock.”

By noon, all of the church members had been evacuated. And out of fear for their lives, several non-Christians had fled, too. Luis had sent four of his children ahead on another boat, while he, Sofia and their youngest child remained behind.

With no boats left, they waited anxiously for a ride as the three-hour deadline approached. “I was crying and praying,” Sofia recalled. “God had control, though. Finally, somebody came and took us. God provided a small boat.”

As they climbed into the boat, one of the guerrillas tried to intimidate them one last time. “You know,” he said, “the Gospel is worthless.”

The couple ignored the guerrilla, got in the boat and began a three-hour ride to their new home that another pastor had arranged for them. There, they would again wait on God’s guidance.'

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