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China: House Church Pastor Given Five Years in Prison

Chinese Communist Party authorities recently sentenced a house church pastor to five and a half years in prison after he refused to let officials place patriotic slogans in his church. Pastor Li Juncai also received a fine of more than $7,000 USD. Typically, 700-800 people attended services at the Yuanyang County Central House Church weekly, and it was the largest house church in the area. When the government began oppressing house churches in 2018, they required the church to change a sign reading “Love God and People” to “Love Country.” They also told the church they must remove the cross on their steeple. The church refused to comply and on 20 February 2019, Pastor Li was arrested along with three others for obstructing government administration. The others were released, but Pastor Li remained in detention. In January 2021, officials finally handed down the five-and-a-half year sentence to Pastor Li. After the pastor’s arrest, the cross atop the church was forcibly removed, and the Christian sign was forcibly replaced.

Continue to pray for Christians in China who are following their consciences rather than the government.

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