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Colombia: Evangelist and Former Rebel in Hiding

A front-line evangelist and former rebel is currently in hiding after learning that members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are looking for her. Sara Gómez joined the FARC as a teenager but later left the group and became a Christian. For the past decade, she has passionately shared the gospel wherever she goes. Because of her active witness, she has been displaced several times. Recently, during lockdown due to Covid-19, FARC members took advantage of the light military presence to target their former comrades who had become Christians. When Sara learned that FARC members were going house to house in her town killing those who had left the group, she quickly fled the area. She and her family are sleeping in a church until it is safe to return. She told a VOM worker that she is thankful because “she has not been hungry or without shelter.”

Please pray for Sara and her family.

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