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ETHIOPIA: Congregation Rejoices At New Building

"Mother Toltu" was raised as a follower of the Oromo traditional religion, but she committed her life to following Christ when she heard the Gospel for the first time. She donated a plot of land from her property to be used for a church, and several other believers contributed funds to the construction of a church as well. However, a mob of local Oromo religious groups attacked the Believers and tore down the church they had built. With VOM's support, the church building was reconstructed in 2021. "Because we live in the countryside, we don't know people that can help us. All we could do was pray to God," one of the Believers said. "God has heard our prayers and sent you to help us." After construction had ended, local church leaders visited the congregation to see the new church building. "Mother Toltu praised God for the support given to them and expressed her happiness for seeing the rebuilding of the church," a Front-line worker said.

  • Pray that God will bless this congregation as they meet in their new church building.

  • Pray that the new structure will show Christ to those who tore down the original church building, and pray that they may seek God and find life in Christ.

Post your prayer in the comments.

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