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INDIA: Hindu Nationalist Mob Attacks Christian School

On 6 December 2021, a mob of Hindu nationalists vandalized a Christian school in Madhya Pradesh state. The attackers destroyed the school with stones and iron rods as students tried to complete their exams. The school had received advance warning of the attack and had requested police support, but according to school officials, the police advised the school to expect the crowd only to shout slogans and then leave. As a result, police did not arrive until after the attack concluded. The assailants claim the school had been engaging in religious conversions, a charge denied by school officials. Hindu nationalists used video of students receiving first communion at a nearby church to claim that Hindu children were being converted at the school.

  • Pray that the students are not deterred in their faith or schoolwork as a result of the attack.

  • Pray for the assailants to repent of their actions and find the peace available only through Jesus Christ.

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