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Laos: Adult Children Reject Christian Mother

After accepting Jesus as her Savior, Suiy decided to call her son and daughter: “I told them that I believed in God, and my sickness went away. My health was strong, and I was so happy.” Her children did not receive the news well. Her daughter told her to stop believing in God, or she would not come visit her mother anymore. She told Suiy she would not love her any more. Her son was even angrier, disowning her completely. Both her children told her that if their employers discovered their mother was a Christian, they would be fired. “After hearing these words from my children, I felt discouraged and embarrassed,” Suiy said. “I am old and all my source of income is from my children.” She called her pastor, who encouraged her to stay faithful to God, no matter the circumstances. Afterward, Suiy called her children again and told them she could never stop believing in God, but that she would always love them the same. It is often difficult for Suiy to make it through the day, and some days she does not have enough to eat. She asks for prayer that her children would come to know God.

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