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LAOS: Relatives Withdraw Support for Christian Grandmother and Niece

Since her one of her daughters died, Gate has lived with her 15-year-old granddaughter, Noi. Another of Gate’s daughters with her husband have supported them with food and necessities. On 15 May 2021, an evangelist visited Gate and Noi at home, and both put their trust in Christ. When Gate’s daughter and son-in-law learned of their conversions, they scolded Gate and told her to renounce her faith. Gate said she couldn’t because she finally knew the true God. Eventually, Gate’s daughter and son-in-law stopped giving her food and told her to take care of herself. Since Gate is elderly and ill, she is unable to work. Noi now works to care for both of them.

  • Pray that God provides for their every need and heals Gate from her ailments.

  • Pray that Gate’s daughter and son-in-law will know the true God for themselves.

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