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LAOS: Widow's Land Stolen After Trusting in Christ

After her husband died, BounMee felt cursed. Although she was an animist who believed in ancestral spirits, BounMee turned to Christians she knew as a way to break the curse. After meeting a local pastor, she put her trust in Christ. Eventually, her brother-in-law, Reang, who is also a leader of her village, learned of BounMee’s Christian faith. He told her to choose between God or her family; BounMee chose Jesus. Angered by her response, Reang stole a portion of BounMee’s land, claiming that her husband, before his death, had given him permission to farm it. Villagers have stopped talking to BounMee, further isolating her following her husband’s death.

  • Pray for BounMee to feel God’s presence and be encouraged by His word.

  • Pray that she is able to find community with other Believers who can help her grow in her faith.

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