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May They Know Your Presence

Loving Father in heaven,

We acknowledge that You are God and that we are Your servants. We acknowledge that You are God and that though Your ways are often mysterious to us, Your ways are perfect. Help us to understand more and more how You work in our world and the part that we have to play in it.

Thank You for the life of Jesus and for all that You desire to teach us through Him. We confess that our lives often don’t live up to that which we know You desire for us. Help us, by Your Spirit, to grasp a little bit more of Your will, as you patiently make us more like Your Son.

Please allow us to use this time of solitude and isolation to experience more of You and to realise we are nothing without You.

We remember others who suffer from forced isolation around the world, for the name of Jesus. We think especially of those who are locked away, in particular, the many ‘prisoners of faith’. May they know Your presence around them. May they know the nearness of Your Spirit. May they know Your comfort and shalom, in order that they can continue to show love, grace and mercy, even to their persecutors.

Please allow their faith to grow, and not diminish.

We pray all these things in the mighty name of Jesus.


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