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MEXICO: Front-line Workers Warned to Stop Evangelizing

Mateo and Elena are church planters in Central Mexico. Their town is in a region known as the “Circle of Silence,” where Christians are routinely opposed by those who follow a syncretistic blend of Catholicism, animism and the occult. The couple has experienced hostility from their community because of their witness for Christ. Their tires have been slashed, their bank accounts have been hacked, and they recently received a threatening note to stop their evangelistic activities: “First warning. You must leave. You may not preach, you or your wife.” Men on motorcycles also threatened them with guns at their front door. The couple has two young daughters, ages 5 and 3, and their older daughter has been bullied at school because of her Christian faith.

  • Pray for the whole family to remain faithful to Christ and ask God to strengthen them in their difficult circumstances.

  • Pray for the people persecuting them, that they would come to know Christ as their Saviour.

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