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Mozambique: Forces from SADC sent to help.

Last month, the SADC approved deployment of forces in Cabo Delgado. Rwanda (who is not part of the SADC) also sent 1000 troops to help fight alongside Mozambique. They were able to take back Mocimboa da Praia, one of the insurgents' main locations. The insurgents managed to escape on motorbikes and have splintered back into community, but this is still an important victory.

Last week, just under 1500 South African troops landed in Mozambique, and Botswana sent in 300 troops just afterwards. They have settled in Cabo Delgado.

This gives the Believers in Mozambique hope.

Pray that the Lord will use these armies to gain religious freedom in Mozambique.

Pray for everybody who is still being affected by these attacks.

Pray that these Believers will be bold in the word and that the members of Al-Shabaab will come to know Christ one at a time.

Source: Reuters, Africa News, VOA

Read about what happened in Mozambique here.

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