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MOZAMBIQUE: Islamic Extremists Behead Pastor, Force Wife to Carry his Severed Remains

According to military sources, suspected Islamic extremists decapitated a pastor in Cabo Delgado mid-December 2021, and forced his wife to carry his head to the police station.

Zimbabwe Daily reported the pastor’s wife told police that “suspected Islamic State-linked insurgents intercepted the pastor in a field, decapitated him and then handed over his head to his wife and ordered her to inform the authorities”.

The monstrous act took place amidst a four-year-long insurgency ravaging the country.

In a statement after this attack, Islamic State boasted that its affiliate had killed dozens of security personnel – and Christians, including westerners from what the statement termed “Crusader nations”.

  • Please pray that the Lord would provide comfort to the wife of this slain pastor and that He would heal her of the trauma she has had to endure.

  • Pray that this tragic and violent death will not be in vain, ask the Lord to somehow bring spiritual good.

  • Pray for peace in Mozambique, as well as for the hearts of those who persecute the church, that the love of Jesus would bring them from darkness to light.

Source: International Christian Concern, Voice of the Martyrs AU.

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