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Myanmar: Christ on the Throne

Christians in Myanmar request urgent prayer after a military coup that occurred on 1 February. A military junta had ruled Myanmar for more than five decades, and when national elections were held in 2015, the country entered its brightest period of history in the modern era. “Citizens of Myanmar irrespective of color, religion, language and ethnic group enjoyed freedom of speech and religion,” a VOM worker said. However, when the military took control of the government on 1 February, that period came to an end. “From a political point of view,” he said, “things seem uncertain, but one thing we are sure about is Jesus is still our king. Nothing happens to us without his knowledge and permission. Kindly uphold us in your prayers. Pray for God to intervene in our political situation. Pray that peace and not bloodshed will prevail in our nation. Pray Christians in Myanmar will not be disheartened or dismayed, but remain strong in Christ, moving forward in our pilgrimage with joy and boldness.”

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